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Stop Having Loud Sex Notes: The nicest ways to tell your noisy neighbors that you can hear absolutely everything.

Ask me to join 0

Ask me to join or keep it down

To whom it may concern: If you are going to fuck so loud that bordering rooms can hear, ask me to join. If not, please keep it down. Thank you, your neighbors   Ask...

Solid red ball gag 0

Solid Red Ball Gag

Keep it down, Assholes.   – All your neighbors   Solid red ball gag on Pinterest… Update: Didn’t work out well. The guy is the one wearing it.

happy you are having sex 0

Happy you are having sex.. BUT

hi neighbor! i’m happy you are having sex but: “this is how we do it” on loop for 3 hours? really? i think (?) i heard a small group applauding at the end? this...

recording of you having sex 0

Recording of You Having Sex

This is a recording of you having sex from my bedroom at 4:27 AM this morning. I HEAR EVERYTHING AND I JUST WANT TO SLEEP. Please be courteous, Harrison #D1 Fucking is great, please...

safe sex t-rex 0

Safe Sex T Rex Says:

Safe Sex T Rex Says: Dear Neighbor, Get er’ Done! But Seriously, look into fixing your squeaky bed please! Thanks – Your Neighbors   Safe Sex T-Rex – Pinterest